5 Things You Did Not Know About : Mars

  • Do you like hiking difficult Mountains? Get Mars on your visiting list. It’s main attraction is Mount Olympus Mons which is 3 times as tall as Mt. Everest and as big as France. Good luck getting over or around it!
  • Sunsets at the beaches are always fascinating because of the colors, correct? Well, Sunsets on Mars are extraordinary since they are Blue!
  • If you are a techno-traveler Mars has something for you too. Currently there are 7 Robots exploring Mars, so chances are you might be lucky to spot one of them.
  • Want to know what to eat while on Mars? Be sure to take some asparagus seeds with you, because asparagus grows really well on Mars and can serve as a good food source.
  • Need a reliable and affordable travel agency. How about India? India is the only country in the world to reach mars on its first attempt while every other country that tried reaching mars failed on its first attempt.India’s mission to mars was also cheaper than the movie Gravity.