That day, they rode

She and He
Found two bicycles that day
And their nature of adventure
Old styled, with curved handle
Jumpy seat that takes most of the weight
She and He rode into it, full-fledged

The road was more cozy
Single laned, surrounded with rocks
And sarso farms and trees.
Shadows playing all along
One would slow and take the other’s back
When a vehicle came
They learnt this over time.

She and He relished
The ease of downslope
And the toil of upslope
But the joy of riding together
Surpassed the changing slopes

It was hot
There was sweat between his back and the bag
As dusk set in, it began to get cooler
How he didn’t want the wet shirt to touch his back
Remarkably matched his unease to let
His Wounds be open to her light

The destination wasn’t important to them
They know there’s none
The volcanic rocks, shy algaeic water, distant trees, bluer sky formed
the landscape there
Which changes each season
Looking along the steep fall of the rocks
Made She and He scared

She abhors He’s habit of pulling his hair
Or plucking his nails
She hits He hard each time He does it
He doesn’t like many things in She too, can’t think of one right now
But She and He continue to do
Both of their unliked habits unabated
Learning to coexist
With each other
And with imperfections

She and He noticed the sound of leaves from teak trees falling
It heals.
Like silent conversations they keep having.

Tired physically
In the scorching heat of the winter sun in Bundelkhand
She and He found a moment of fursat,
Lying under a thatched shelter
The air caressed them to sleep
He even snored, like He would do when extremely tired
The world in and around She has come a long way to enable her to rest in the open
Sleep and Food then meant so much more to She and He.

Later, She went back to her book about Gujarat Riots.
He wanted to see pictures from the day

Sitting before the setting sun
Things in She and He came together
As She and He enjoyed their coffee
And together asked the server to not give plastic straws
They had their own, bamboo ones.

Bicycle, Bamboo
And all of it in between
Defined that day for She and He.