How to start programming everyone has a dream to become a good programmer . I have also , but how, I started to learning programming by my own .

Well said by someone,

We must learn to walk before we can run.

now I have learned how to walk .

So, i was very fascinated by the Word IIT , if you live in India you know what is the value of this three letters . Because I am from very small city where no coaching are available and not even a good college . So somehow, I passed 12th exams with honour ,then I decided to IIT preparation , somehow, I know that Kanpur is the cheapest city for preparing IIT jee . So after 6 month of preparation, I realized that it is not easy to crack IIT in 8 month , so start googling about colleges . google was showing QUORA. quora isthe website where my answer were available , because my question were like ,how to crack IIT by studying 3 months .

Then I joined quora and started following every IITian , IIITian, NItian , IAS and topic which are realated to programming , I just read about every expect of programming and I figured out this is the thing that I can do . Because I know I am going to land in a tier 3 engineering college where no infrastructure . One day I am scrolling quora and I came to know about twoleaps . One anonymous had written answer about how to start programming and the help which are offered by twoleaps is free . I just fill the form and after some day . I had a mentor which is allotaed by twoleaps. Because of him i came to know about many things. Because of him I learn how to walk on my path. Now I am not afraid .

If you want to start programming and only thinking about how to start, then just find a mentor who can give you assignments and check how is your code .

Don’t go for coaching this coaching Industry are trying to make us fool because if you want to become great programmer. All you need to practice. And for that there are website like codechef which are available online . And this website are better than any programming coaching.

If you want to understand some basics just download udemy tutorial for free there are many websites which offers udemy tutorial for free you can download from and allot a mentor for your performance graph . They will say you you performance is good or not .

If you want to learn something everything is free for you . You just need passion . In this world there are still good people , who offer you guide free of cost .

I can also. But it will take me 4 to 5 year to become a mentor.

Just wait 5 year for me or go to the twoleaps and start programming.

That’s all . For beginners who want to start programming.

Some of my code is here .

if you think i am at the right path ,just applaus. it will motivate me.

thanks for reading.