Consistency can make you, see what lack of it can do!

The importance of consistency — learned the hard way.

Robert Lewandowski in action during practice and on match day, source Instagram.

The end of the road

No, this is not about a turnaround in my performance. I continued to practice when I wanted, take days off when I was bored and wished my way to betterment.

Recovery is much like success.

Photo by Toralf Thomassen on Unsplash

Repetition, repetition, repetition

It is a requirement for success; a requirement for betterment. It is a non-negotiable part of our lives. I knew what had to be done to fix my condition but needed a mindset change. I was fortunate to have met a doctor who had a plan to help me achieve that. I owe my ability to walk again to her. Here is her website if you’re looking for a good PT).


Injuries must be aggressively treated. You won’t recover from them unless you give it the same attention and dedication as you would in say getting yourself a new job.

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  2. Get that much needed raise?

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