Check that your S3 server is responsive before your Python client interacts with it.

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Ever performed operations on your S3 storage server, only to see connection errors? Maybe the Minio server was down, maybe the credentials provided were invalid, or maybe some other unforeseen error caused your application to barf!

This article provides a simple framework to test if your Minio server can be…

What does it really take to build a community on Medium?

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I resumed writing on Medium in mid September 2021 but I am stuck. From the onset, it has truly been an enjoyable experience with not only writing but also learning from the best authors on this platform.

I have read over 60 articles by new and established writers, responded to…

What can we do better this year?

Reviewing 2021 and applying it’s learnings to 2022 with a slight yet impactful tweak is the scope of this article.

In 2020, I had disappointed myself yet again by underachieving. Surprise! Surprise!

I hated New Year resolutions.

I would do an annual review session every December, and ask myself where…

A python application to run your scheduled tasks using semaphores and croniter.

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Cron jobs are often used to schedule tasks. They provide a compact way to describe task frequencies. As a software developer who is exploring ways to ensure code simplicity, I thought of using Cron Syntax for all time based operations in my application program.

Have you ever considered doing so…

Access Python json-dict attributes with simpler syntax.

JSON files are ubiquitous in the software space. They are used to transfer structured data in web applications and networks, and also as config files for systems and containers.

To use a json file in a Python application, it is a general practice to use the json package and decode…

Unit test your application and validate the data integrity of your s3 storage modules using pytest as described here.

As a distributed systems developer, my application code often reads from and pushes data to s3 buckets. While developing unit tests for my application, an important component that needs validation is the data flow to and from these buckets.

If you are looking for a good reference to unit test…

The sacrifices that our parents make are the biggest superpower behind out success.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

LinkedIn has been buzzing with the latest news, articles, allied stories and memes from Twitter’s decision to appoint a new CEO in early December 2021.

Another person of Indian origin takes up a leadership role at a major technology company, a company that shapes opinions around the world.

He follows…

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