Let’s Make Desktop Application With Ionic 3 and Electron
Damodar Lohani

Hi Damodar,

Thank you for good tutorial. I had successfully create a ionic project and convert into desktop app (mac + windows). But when i tried to used electron api from ionic project using provider, I am getting error.

Uncaught TypeError: fs.exitsSync is not function. showing Error in index.js: 5 of electron in node modules folder.

Following are the dev dependency ..

“@ionic/app-scripts”: “3.0.1”,

“electron”: “¹.7.9”,

“electron-builder”: “¹⁹.40.0”,

“foreman”: “².0.0”,

“typescript”: “2.3.4”

I had followed tutorial part1 and part 2 for the same. Need help to resolve this issue.

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