Support Local, Shop Local

This is a story of how a small conversation can change everything.

For several days I had been pondering on how we do something that would make a difference. We would stay late into the night, having shouting matches on our strategies and plans for the future.

The local midnight tea stall deserves some credit to this for keeping us awake and the one simple conversation that made me realize what we were missing out on –

“Boss, two cups of tea” I said rubbing my hands.

It’s not easy getting used to Gurgaon’s winter, especially when you have spent last 4 years where there’s no sign of winter but only monsoon, Manipal.

We exchanged a familiar smile.

“It’s getting colder than usual today” I tried to initiate small talk, something I’ve never been good at.

“We wouldn’t know, it’s a daily affair for us now” he answered without making any eye contact.

“You only sell at night?”

“Yes, we only setup at nights now”


He looked up to hand me the cups in a small tray. He gave no response. I picked the cups, passing one to Rajat as we moved to the sidewalk.

“We used to run the stall in morning too..”. He spoke softly.

I turned, facing him now.

He continued.

“We have been here for the past 10 years. People used to come to our stall. Now they don’t”

“Why not?” I pressed for more.

“This has opened now.” He gestured towards a store. One of the Big Branded Coffee Houses.

“I don’t know what they sell, people say tea costs 200 bucks there”

I nodded understandingly.

That day, I stood there struck by the revelation of how every time we order a coffee worth 200 bucks at a cushioned cafe, the local vendor loses a customer. The way it affects them, the people of our own city who now barely make a living with their daily profits.

This one incident moved me.

Why spending local is worth your money!.

I realized that we have the capacity to empower hundreds of such local businesses. All we need to do is to make people realize the contribution of shopping at such small businesses to our community.

Let’s all pledge to promote the essence of shopping local. Your one small purchase can make a big difference.

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