5 Free Growth Hacking Tools for Affiliate Marketers

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If you are an Affiliate Marketer, then you are on a perfect place on web for affiliate marketing growth hacking tools.

In this article, I am showing you best 5 FREE affiliate marketing tools which you can use for growth hacking. These tools will help you in maximizing your revenue from affiliate marketing.


Clickmeter is a link shortening and analytics tool. This tools is devoted to agencies, publishers, affiliates and advertisers. This all-in-one tools allows you to optimize your internet marketing tasks like Custom domain link shortening, advanced URL redirection, analytics and link monitoring. 
Price of this tool : Free / Subscription


AdSanity is a ad rotation plugin for wordpress. It allows you manage multiple ads on your site on different places. It distributes your ads randomly and also measures their performance. You can add and manage ads from dashboard of your wordpress site. You can set start and end date of ads. They’ll run according to the date you set. You can monitor clicks and views about your ads with this plugin. 
Price of this Plugin : Free / Plugin

Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty affiliates is a complete affiliate marketing links management solution. This is a link clocking plugin. It lets you store different affiliate links and manage them in groups and categories. You can also monitor performance of your links from your wordpress website. 
Price of this plugin : Subscription

Affiliate Marketing comes under digital marketing. There are many ways to learn digital marketing. You can also learn digital from institutions like Digital School of Delhi and many more.

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

This plugin is specifically for amazon affiliates. If you are doing amazon affiliate then you can install it on your website. It’ll help you in inserting amazon products on your website. In posts, you can easily import products with your affiliate links.
Price of this plugin : Free


Wordtracker is one of the most important tool for running successful PPC Campaign. Wordtracker is a web tool which helps you in finding longtail keywords which includes money keywords and high performance keywords.
Price of this tool : Free / Subscription