Sunday Night Blues: What’s the real reason?

Friday evening: What a wonderful feeling! Two relaxing days to look forward to. No work stress, no e-mails to answer. Ah, life is beautiful.

Fast forward about 48-hours to 7pm on Sunday and the “Sunday Night Blues” start to kick in. Feelings range from mild annoyance of I-need-to-go-back-to-work-tomorrow, to full blown what-am-I-doing-in-life type of existential questions.

There are plenty of good suggestions online about how to get rid of this discomfort, so I won’t talk about that here. Instead, I want to give you my opinion about “what really is the reason behind this”? For fear of opening a Pandora’s box, I restrict myself to professional-reasons and not dig too much into the psychology underneath these feelings (lets keep that for another day).

There are three main categories of working professionals in my eyes.

  1. The “I hate my work” kind
  2. The “I neither love, nor hate my work” kind
  3. The “I love my work” kind

Let’s talk about the why’s in each of these categories.

  1. The “I hate my work” kind:
    There’s a deep sense of work-dissatisfaction in this case. So it’s not unexpected that this category of people have a visceral hate of going back to work on Monday morning (irrespective of whether they have a good or bad weekend). Sigh. :(
  2. The “I neither love, nor hate my work” kind:
    A large majority of people probably lie in this category. The blues might largely be because they had a nice weekend (hanging out with friends/family, trips, etc.) and just want that to continue for a little while longer. But unfortunately they have to go back to office. They’d be mildly sad, but manage pretty well eventually. :)
  3. The “I love my work” kind
    They have intense blues once in a while — and not every weekend. And more often than not, the reason for their intense blues is that they set very high expectations for the weekend (meet friend A, cook B, study C, invent teleportation, etc.)
    Not all high expectations can be met all the time. And when expectations are not met, it naturally leads to deep disappointment. :(

How frequently (and intensely) one encounters “Sunday Night Blues” should be a reason for introspection. The blues could mostly be harmless, but might also be a hint that your work may not be giving you enough satisfaction. If it recurs too many times, you need to take a deeper look. :)


  1. This post was written after a 4-day weekend. The blues are a lot more intense than the regular 2-day weekend!
  2. Happy Independence Day 2017! :)
  3. Why do YOU have “Sunday Night Blues”? I’m very interested — Let me know!

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