Ryan Adams. 1989. An Interpretation.

”….It’s a complete re-imagination.” Couldn’t agree more. Ryan Adams has taken Taylor Swift’s lyrics and created an album comprising of 13 brand new songs that persistently gives off vibes that range from Bruce Springsteen to The Black Keys to an Oasis album.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of Taylor Swift or not. Ryan Adams has spun up an album of entirely his own thinking. There are a couple notes in each song which pay homage to their original creator but primarily the originality, creativity and inspiring re-imagination just becomes transparent through the entire album. (However, if you are a Taylor Swift fan like me, I’d recommend hearing the original song and the new version in succession or vice versa. It’s a little disorienting at first but you start appreciating the genius of both the song writer and the respective singer very quickly.)

I implore everyone to give Ryan Adams’s 1989 a whirl. I’d like to think that even if Taylor hadn’t made 1989 first and just handed her lyrics over to Ryan, the new 1989 album would still be close to its current avatar.

You can stream the entirety of Ryan Adams’s 1989 here.

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