90 days, 2.6L of Revenue, 1st Prize at Techkriti, IIT-Kanpur. Presenting to you Stoned Santa.

It was Christmas and well I was *coughs*. ;) hence the Name.
On the bus to my native, I was thinking of Gifting Ideas for my parent’s 25th Anniversary which was on 8th of Feb 2017. I wanted to give them something unique. My mind had ideas, but I wasn’t an artist, how could I possibly bring those ideas to life ?
I was friends with people who were extremely good at art and craft. I thought why not form a unique community of artists and creators who use their creativity to craft magic?

10 minutes of deep thinking and I was discussing the idea with some of my close friends who were great artists too. They loved the idea and wanted to join ASAP.

The idea needed Pilot Testing, 30 minutes later we had a basic poster ready to be forwarded on Whatsapp groups and posted on Facebook.

48 hours later, we had 15 orders for New Years. Idea validated. 
Our focus was now on making the orders and doing the deliveries right.

Lesson Learnt? 
If you feel strongly about an idea, don’t wait to perfect it and then launch. 
Follow Lean.
Make mistakes, improvise, make newer mistakes, move on. If you don’t laugh at your first MVP(Minimal Viable Product), then there’s something wrong.

For our Pilot test, we pivoted to Greeting Cards only because we had limited human resources and didn’t want to have many moving parts which would make things difficult to manage.
Our Pilot was a success. The next 1 month, we focused on scouting for creators and building our team. We launched publicly on the 25th of January 2017 with an army of 30 artists and creators.

I now had the perfect gift for my parents. Stoned Santa is my gift to them on their 25th anniversary. Not a car, not something material, a venture is my gift to them.

From our Family Archives. Portrait of the entire family.
For my Dad. He sings this song to wake me up. :P Scooter because we share a special memory of it.

Stoned Santa is the only company where the customer decides the service they wish to avail. The beauty of working with Stoned Santa? We don’t know what we are gonna sell, it’s always something new and different. 
You don’t believe me? Well visit www.stonedsanta.in and see it yourself.

Why the Name? 
The idea struck me on 25th of Dec 2016, hence Santa.
Stoned, because Medical Science says that Drugs let us open our hearts out better. :P
It’s Christmas everyday at Stoned Santa.

Fast forward 2 months, Stoned Santa has raised 2.6L of revenue from B2B deals and B2C deals. We currently have 63 artists and creators on board and have served 300+ customers. 
Exactly 90 days from our inception, on the 25th of March 2017, we won our 1st Business Plan Competition at Techkriti, IIT-Kanpur.

What is Stoned Santa ?

Right from our days as school kids to joining college and starting our Professional lives, How many people have we come across who are good at art and craft? 
How many of them are able to earn and get recognition for their work? 

Stoned Santa is where they need to be. Are you an artist or do you know someone who can benefit by joining us? 
Please visit www.stonedsanta.in for more or contact us on our Facebook page http://bit.ly/stonedsantafb

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