I applied “My Rule Zero” to my first 200 Sales, and it worked

Well, it wasn’t me who did the sales exactly. But I sure can tell you how I trained my interns to get 200 sales within 15 days of my internship at The Climber, a startup incubated in IIM-Bangalore.

Hi, I am Shashank Shekhar, the Chief Executive Officer at Stoned Santa, which is a platform where Artists and creators come together to create Customized Hand-made Art for our clients.
An intern at a startup and a Chief Executive at another? What sorcery is this? Well like all first generation Entrepreneurs, this one has his share of problems too. 
We’ll get back to it some other time. Let’s get to the magic number 2 lakhs of revenue in a month of time..? How?

How I trained my interns to get sales?

First thing I tell them — “Rule 0 : Know the core of What You SELL”.
Are you selling a Condom? Well, better know how many flavors the company offers, what sizes they are available in, it’s manufacturing cost, what kind of Polymer it is made of and what not! Research and let information percolate in your mind. Data is Gold. You never know what piece of information comes handy. Your customer will have questions. Better stay prepared.

All done and set? Now what? Who the fuck are you gonna sell it to? How do you identify your Market?
Well us humans have friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances. I call them Connections for the sake of convenience.

Yes. I have a shitty phone. This is the best I could do. Deal with it! :P

1st connection : That’s people close to you. An average American has 9 first connections excluding Family. (Link to source)
But BC! Hum Indians hai, humare 50 toh honge hi! (We are Indians, we have 50 for sure). 
We need to know what people close to us think about the Product/Service we plan on selling. It gives you a new Perspective. You might encounter some Brutal Reviews, but that’s important! Remember I told you? Know the core of what you wanna sell. 
Yes captain.! You are ready to march on to Connection 2. This transition might take a while.

2nd connection : Classmates, colleagues, humans you meet 3–4 times a week and are umm Friends? You know what I mean.
Assuming you have talked to 15–20 people, you are already good at pitching your idea. Go ahead, Repeat the process.
Remember : You need to get better at pitching with every person you talk to.

How should we approach these connections that you talk of? 
Do you watch Sherlock? Be Sherlock. Analyze, comprehend and prepare a plan.
The best thing about your First Connection is….? You know them, their interests, dislikes, fantasies :P 
I interviewed Jawed Habib, yes you heard it right for HumanFOX. Now how do I get people to read the interview? 
My mom is a fan of Habib Sahab. I made her read it first. Sharma aunty is a fan too? Made her read too! Sense the magic?

Are you selling customized Hand Made art? Then you remember your parents plan to attend a wedding. Bam, you convince them to order a portrait for the newly wed. * Cash comes in & Idea validated * @StonedSanta
See what I mean by tapping the First Connection?

You’re no noob. Repeat the process with the 2nd Connections too. Sherlock them! 
Data is Gold. Be Sherlock”.

We are yet to explore the 3rd Connection and I shall tell you how to add a personal pinch to social media marketing via personal profiles. 
My first attempt at writing, I hope it was worth a read.

~ Trippy Entrepreneuer