Silence of Two Best friend

It was last day of school. Tim and his friends were eating from someone’s lunch box during lecture. “It has always been fun to eat when teacher is not looking towards them.” Thought Tim. But, he didn’t know that someone is planning to disclose his secret to teacher. The person to betray him was no other than Jerry. Jerry is Tim’s biggest rival, once they were best friends but something happened. Since both try to this dishonor each other.

Well, Tim and Jerry both love wrestling. They loved it so much that it was the base of their friendship. They spend hours together talking about the sport and practicing about each other. But, one unfaithful day they started discussing who is the best Wrester? Who will win the world championship this year?

Cage was Tim’s favorite so Till started boasting about Cage. While Jerry has another opinion. according to him, Cage was good but not best. This difference is opinion result in debate and soon it turned into the fight. As the time passes they became more and more aggressive and in the heat of the moment, Tim slapped Jerry.

Jerry was taken away by the behavior of his friend. He stood up and left for home with rage in his heart. While Tim he was so shocked that he didn’t even said a word. He wanted to apologize but didn’t had guts to do so. Since that day silence grew between them and today both of them can’t stand each other.

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