I don’t like humans — tale of personality.

We make friends or we like somebody, as a teenager, we do this in a heartbeat. As we grow life becomes complicated or I should rather say we complicate our lives. I am comprehending what I have observed around me and how we as a person differ.

Personality is something that portrays everyone or should I say defines someone. Subconsciously our brains pick the right personality to tag along. I am surely not talking about physical aspects, anyone can improve physical appearance swiftly. Mental and behavioral side are what ticks.


These are “My decision is justified” kind of people. Sure they have analytical skills but in-spite when it comes to a totally debatable situation where both sides can be justified this person will behave like a stubborn child hiding within the pile of logic. Having a strong personality is not bad, in fact it is really good to have a pinch of strong decision making and behavioral skill but overdone and it ends up being stubborn.


Direct derivatives of strong personality these people are somewhat balanced. They know when to put on the stubborn mode and when not to speak. Judging and choosing right moment is what makes them persuasive. Also, people with persuasive personality are very rare to find. I mean I can give you my count right away if asked.

Make no mistake but persuasive people when in ego will not give up no matter what the consequences but again no one is perfect and no one will be.


This is someone I believe need to change right away. Housing strong dependency on others kind of kills your own identity. Sure people even in this category do have personal skills but once they find someone they can depend on they ditch whatever they can on their own and in a way fool their brain that whatever decision they took was their own.

Identifying one is really simple. One just needs to look for certain behaviors:

— Cannot remember when they last walked alone.

— Always explains that they are just taking an opinion which in fact always turns into a decision.

Analytical and confused

Over-thinkers. Will always nit-pick certain behavior and gives free advice all the time. This person is someone with very broad thinking spectrum both in good sense and bad sense. Sure this helps in decision making, understand others effectively and many good things but over-thinking is the big downside as well. At times, they will be the most right person to discuss anything of your interest whereas they might go harsh and demotivate you at times.

Most of the time-analytical person are confused which is actually a result of their over-thinking.

The big lie

Everything aside, not one person can have only one behavioral personality. Often we demonstrate the mix of all and adjust to the situation, that is how humans differ from other animals.

Sure, you can argue that by strong you are referring aggressive and dependents are the confused ones. I will leave that on you to decide.

At the end of the day, we become what we believe and we must build ourselves each and every day. Quoting Marianne Williamson

Maturity includes the recognition that no one is going to see anything in us that we don’t see in ourselves. Stop waiting for a producer. Produce yourself.

Feel free to discuss your opinions, I will be glad to join.