My Eight #MustListen Podcast/Radio Shows

These shows are ordered randomly and not in the order of favorites, I will create a separate list of local shows, tech and professional development shows I recommend so they are not in this list. I try to listen to the ones on radio live if I am in the car at the right time, if not I use Stitcher as my podcast app of choice. NPR also has it’s own Podcast app called NPR One.

  1. Marketplace : Every day I try to listen to the 6.00 p.m EST show on WAMU 88.5 FM . Kai Ryssdal talks about serious money topics in a very simple understandable format. I like Molly wood talking tech, Kimberly Adams covering Washington DC.
  2. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Peter Sagal increases our knowledge by bringing in guests and a funny panel each time. Bill Kurtis and the crew make a great team and keep it interesting. I wonder when they will offer a different prize than Carl Kassel’s vice on your answering machine. As Enrique Dans said “Voicemail is dead”
  3. Ask Me Another Ophira Eisenberg is a 5 star laugh generator, does a great job with Art Chung in engaging contestants in humor, knowledge and fun.
  4. Car Talk The show stopped recording new episodes a few years ago but is still a must listen. See what business lessons i learnt from Car Talk in this article I wrote for SmallBizTrends.
  5. Prairie Home Companion We are a PHC family, been Garrison Keilor’s fans for a long time. Even if we did not make it to his appearances at Wolf Trap, my daughter and I went to see his movie. Probably Garrison has decided to go back to being a cowboy as beginning in fall of 2016, Chris takes over at the helm of A Prairie Home Companion.
  6. Radio Lab Did you hear about the 60 words that changed our lives? or the 1500 clues to Human Evolution. Everything you wanted to know and were afraid to ask
  7. Science Friday Did you really think science was not interesting? From how to make cider more sippable to the geometry of martian dunes, this is a must listen show, specially if you still want to be called a cool parent.
  8. TOO EMBARRASSED TO ASK This is from Recode and hosts Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode are not afraid to ask. What do you think you should sleep on to addiction to sexting they ask the questions we don’t ask…thanks y’all.

Do you listen to any of these shows? What are your favorites?

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