Pang in the heart

Yes, you have felt it many times.

Title itself is very much describing the condition of this piece that i am writing here, it is this condition of heart when we have lots of feeling altogether, when we forget what to do, when we feel — Should we do the same to the ‘giver’ of this pang, or just let the ‘giver’ go free of our reaction, or something mix of two could be done.

We all have read and heard lots of real ‘love’ and we embrace all of that knowledge, but when your emotional hunger demands the exact amount of food it needs; it forgets all of its acquired truth about love, and if it don't get it’s meal, ‘Pang’ is the only drug that satiate this hunger.

Emotions, I don't know from where they arise, but they do exist and don't want to leave the house without taking its toll.

Stuck in this situation, one has very few choices left, first is very obvious- impulsive reaction, which all of us know, would aggravate the situation and could give back to back many ‘pangs’ in your soft little organ pumping blood to your soul. second is — to find the right ‘Balm’ to rub on it and wait until the pang disappear, Balm could be anything, varies with individual, leads you to discover about self and eventually you would thank the ‘giver’.

I found my ‘Balm’ in writing this piece, first arrangement of my feelings on medium through words in its maximum capacity.

Some like to run when they face such pangs, some like to sing, some go for adventure sport and some just draw the picture of their beloved. It all goes to one thing, self-love which we were mistakenly looking from the pang-giver and hence (s)he became the medium of our self-discovery.

I can no longer write this just to make it appear long. I have just rubbed the ‘Balm’ on my pang and am feeling cool now. :)