an apology

a reflecting moon
through the shining sun
a discarded pluto
away from an interesting mars
the universe expands
with people’s own
and the journey goes
on and on

all with jolly differences
sharing their pieces
of what they think
about what they think
amid varied chatter
and some intriguing words
i watch the stories unfold
and only watch them in silence

no uttering of syllables
or any interventions
in the flow of experiences
being shared with matters
i stay quiet
with my deafening silence
propelling my heart
to stop

they get up with all
their charismatic personality
sparking the audience
with a needle but no harm
again with a shut mouth
and a punched smile
over some feathers and rocks
i nod in affirmance

back down the street
i walk again home
thinking about what to think
over the same trodden path
arriving at the same apology
that’s been there for years
that a blinking cursor may find words
but not any magnet from my heart

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