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IBM Cloud Functions


Function as a Service(FaaS) is the new era of cloud development which allows us to run code without provisioning or managing any servers. IBM Cloud provides Functions for building Serverless applications. These applications require a trigger for execution, and once the execution is complete, they go back to sleep. This article takes a simple example of building a Serverless application on Functions which will be triggered using Slack’s Slash Commands.


  • IBM Cloud comes with a lite account that does not need credit card details to register. …

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OpenSSH is developed by the OpenBSD project developers and made available under a BSD-style license. It is a connectivity tool and uses the SSH protocol to encrypt traffic and eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and similar attacks. OpenSSH consists of a number of utilities in it:

  • ssh: A program for logging into a remote machine and for executing commands on a remote machine.
  • sshd: Daemon program for ssh. sshd listens for connections from clients. It is started at boot and forks a new daemon for each incoming connection. The forked daemons handle key exchange, encryption, authentication, command execution, and data exchange.
  • ssh_config: The client configuration file. …

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An “implementation” of Python should be taken to mean a program or environment which provides support for the execution of programs written in the Python language.

The above definition is stated in the python reference documents. To explain this concept in simple terms, we’ll need to understand a few general terms related to code execution on any machine.

Compiler is a function that converts one programming language to another, typically from a high level language(C, C++) to a low level language(Machine code, Assembly language) to create an executable file.

Interpreter is a function that directly executes a programming language without it being compiled and converted to machine code. …


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