Introducing Journaly for your Mac

We launched a customisable Journal app to let people capture everything they care about

I have been journaling various things like my mood and calories since the past few months. An unorganised notes app or spreadsheets is generally the solution since Journaling apps lack the flexibility.

We created Journaly so that users could customise their journal experience and add self-survey questions, for example ‘How many cups of coffee did I drink today’, ‘What was my mood like’ or ‘Things I ate today’. This allows users to journal immeasurable things like habits and personal interactions.

I journal mood with emojis, coffee I drink and exercise

Flexible, Customisable, Modern and Light

Journaly has everything you need to get a great journaling experience- iCloud backup, password protection, exporting your data file, adding media, daily reminders, search, tags & adding custom survey questions.

Our early adopters are using it as a travel log, gratitude journal, personal journal, food journal, mood log, idea diary, health journal and for many other applications.

You can get Journaly on the Mac App Store with 25% Off as an introductory offer!

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