Loca -Automatic Place Journal with Photo Memories (Media Kit)

Loca- Launching on 10 December, 2015

Since Medium is a quick and convenient place to access content, we’ve put Loca’s Media Kit here. We hope we can explain the story of our contextual journal Loca to you here. Would love to hear what you think! (Email us at shashwat@emberify.com)

Shashwat Pradhan- Founder & CEO of Emberify

Today we launched our new app Loca on the App Store! Loca brings the magic of context to journalling. Keeping a journal is such a wonderful experience, it keeps track of things that can’t be measured by sensors. Emotions, memories, thoughts, ideas, positivity with gratitude journals and so much more!

A journal is like a personal blog

With Loca, the user can track all his/her places automatically, the time spent there and even add photo memories to the place! Loca just has to be left running in the background to track all the user’s places. It automatically generates a history log of the user’s places with a neat dashboard.

Loca Screenshots

Bringing context to your journal

Loca works in two ways:

  1. Memories- It keeps track of your places, dates & time spent there. You can add photos to each place to save your cherished memories. Many of our early adopters found it useful in journaling their vacations!
  2. Productivity- You can use Loca to keep track of how long you are spending at places. By tagging names to each place you can keep track of how much time you spent at work or at home or even your lunch time restaurant. You can even export your history as a csv, something I think Quantified Self enthusiasts will really like.

Your journal is private

Loca stores all your information only on your device. You can delete the app at any time and all your data goes with it. We also allow you to delete history of a day or custom entries. Our privacy policy is probably the most straight forward that you’ve ever read: http://emberify.com/privacy

Launch Details


Emberify is a startup, a small indie studio based in Pune, India. We are working on personal analytic products using a context aware approach. You can read about our research on our blog: http://emberify.com/blog

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