Unplug app launch- National Day of Unplugging (Media Kit)

Unplug App- Stay motivated to Unplug by Gamification

March 4–5 is the National Day of Unplugging, where people try to take a digital detox. With smartphones & social media people are always staring into a screen. With the concept of ‘Unplugging’, smartphone users take a break from their devices to focus on the world around them.

We built ‘Unplug’ for the iPhone so that people stay motivated to digital detox. How did we do that? Gamification. With ‘Unplug’, people can also automatically track the time spent on their iPhone & the number of times they check it!

Gamification to Unplugging

  1. Based on their daily iPhone usage, users get trophies and points
  2. Users can set a iPhone usage limit and achieve streaks by staying within it in consecutive days
  3. Automatic tracking, iPhone usage on graphs & a map
Earn trophies, points & streaks!

With Unplug, people can automatically track the time spent on their iPhone & the number of times they check it!

Unplug App Icon

To motivate our users to Unplug we used gamification techniques like trophies, points & streaks. Unplugging helps increasing memory and leading a balanced lifestyle in our ever-connected world. It also helps in enhancing focus on the tasks around you.

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