From Diving with Sharks to the Age of Connected Planning: The Shasta Team, Zuora, Anaplan and SlamData Get AirTime

Shasta Ventures
Mar 31, 2017 · 3 min read

It’s been a busy week for Shasta and our portfolio companies. Highlights include Anaplan’s annual user conference, Hub 17, garnering great reviews; Zuora executives sharing insights and lessons learned on how to grow from 1–100M in revenue; Shasta’s Managing Director Jason Pressman offering perspectives on tech innovation in Arizona and the rise of the Subscription Economy; and SlamData’s exciting new hire.

See below for what you may have missed this week.

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Image Credit: Zuora

Investing in the Subscription Economy: Jason Pressman Featured on Zuora’s Subscribed Podcast. On Zuora’s Subscribed podcast, Shasta’s Managing Director, Jason Pressman, spoke about his passion for shark conservation, the rise of the Subscription Economy, and what to expect with 2017 IPO trends. An early advocate of the Subscription Economy, Jason shared insights gained from his days at, talked about some of the most surprising industries to go subscription-based and explained why traditional systems are teed up for transformation. You can listen to the interview in full here.

How to Attract VCs: Jason Pressman Speaks at Arizona Technology Innovation Summit. Jason spent the day at the Arizona Technology Innovation Summit alongside Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to discuss and brainstorm technology opportunities in the Grand Canyon State. His advice for creating jobs and attracting talent: “There needs to be an initiative where the state reaches out to VCs ­­– who are gatekeepers — and have them think of your state and its potential. I think that’s our near-term opportunity.”

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Image Credit: Anaplan

A New Age of Connected Planning: Anaplan Hosts its User Conference, Hub17. Shasta portfolio company Anaplan launched its annual global user conference, Hub17, on Monday, March 27 for three days of knowledge sharing, product reveals and customer insights. From its first-ever global Hackathon to keynotes by former astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison and R. “Ray” Wang of Constellation Research, the conference underscored the power of connecting the right data with the right people to make better, faster business decisions.

Secrets Shared and Lessons Learned: Zuora Provides Insight During 1 to [100] Million Event. Two Zuora leaders took part in the 1 to [100] Million event to divulge their secrets of growing the company to $100 million in revenue. Marc Diouane, President of Zuora, discussed overcoming the challenges companies face when growing from early-revenue to global leadership. Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo then covered how he leveraged lessons learned from his first $1B success story, Salesforce, to build Zuora. Great to see Zuora share lessons, advice and real-life stories with the engaged audience.

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Image Credit: SlamData

Congratulations are in Order: Sreeni Iyer Joins SlamData as SVP of Engineering. Shasta’s former Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Sreeni Iyer, signed up for his next big adventure as SVP of Engineering for Shasta portfolio company SlamData. It’s a great move because Sreeni is passionate about helping companies get a handle on managing and deriving insights from their exploding structured and unstructured data volumes and SlamData has the most powerful native NoSQL analytics solution.

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