VR, Autonomous Cars, and the Rise of Shadow Email: Headlines You May Have Missed This Week

Shasta Ventures
Apr 28, 2017 · 4 min read

As we close out another busy week, we’re sharing a few headlines from around the web that feature Shasta and our amazing portfolio companies. From Shasta-hosted events and broadcasts to articles in CIO, The New York Times and more, our industry leaders share their insight on topics including security, entrepreneurship, and development best practices.

Read on to see what you may have missed.

The VC Obsession for Product-Market Fit featured in Venture Capital Journal. In this week’s Venture Capital Journal, Shasta’s Managing Director Jason Pressman showcases “How VCs Lost their Minds in Consumer (Again).” He argues that while it is absolutely true that product-market fit is important, it’s not everything. “Unit economics matter.” He takes the reader through lessons learned from the late ’90s with consumer companies like Webvan — moving physical goods — to the recent “Uberfication” of everything. He illustrates that without a business model, solid unit economics, and strong margins, it can be very challenging and near impossible to scale a business. It’s a good read underscoring that “true PMF is about an amazing customer experience coupled with a good business model.” Read the full story here.

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Image Credit: Eero

The New York Times picks Eero’s Wi-Fi system as favorite over Google and Netgear. The New York Times’ lead consumer technology writer, Brian X. Chen, compared and tested three popular Wi-Fi systems: Eero, Google Wifi and Netgear’s Orbi. See why he chose Shasta portfolio company Eero as his favorite, highlighting its speed, ease of use, and scalability. “If your goal is to make Wi-Fi less of a headache for you or a loved one, buy an Eero system.”

Entrepreneurship, autonomous vehicles, and Lyft’s future with Rajil Kapoor on Launch Pad. Shasta’s Managing Director Rob Coneybeer recently interviewed Rajil Kapoor, Chief Strategy Officer at Lyft, on his SiriusXM live radio program “Launch Pad powered by The Wharton School. As you’ll hear, Rajil has led an extremely interesting life ­– from growing up in Bethlehem, Penn. and founding both Snapfish and Fitmob to becoming a venture capitalist and driving Lyft’s strategy today. Listen to the interview to hear Rajil’s thoughts on entrepreneurship, whether Lyft will employ autonomous cars, and why brand differentiation is key for growing startups.

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Image Credit: VR Tuesday

Talking VR/AR Engagement with Industry Leaders during VR Tuesday. This month’s VR Tuesday meet up hosted by Shasta centered on the topic of engaging VR and AR experiences. Liv Erickson, Product Manager, High Fidelity; Jason Marsh, Founder & CEO, Flow Immersive; and Louise Ireland, CFO, Modal VR presented their experiences and provided insights on the importance of engagement, collaboration, and open source when it comes to VR and AR. Follow VR Tuesday on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings and join us for the next VR Tuesday on May 16, where we’ll discuss the impact of 3D on the VR/AR world.

ValiMail Details How to Fight the Rise of Shadow Email in CIO. Many IT teams know that employees use third-party services, such as Salesforce.com and Workday, to improve how they do their jobs. But what they don’t know is many of those services are also sending email on the company’s behalf. It’s what’s called “shadow email” and it’s an increasing problem among organizations of all sizes. Alexander García-Tobar, co-founder and CEO of Shasta portfolio company ValiMail, penned an article for CIO.com that discusses how CIOs can tackle shadow email head-on.

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Image Credit: SiliconANGLE

Nextdoor, built on AWS, helps builds trust in local communities. Shasta portfolio company Nextdoor, a social network for neighborhoods and communities, is virtually connecting people who live near one another but may have never met. SiliconANGLE recently featured Nextdoor’s rise and its decision to build its platform on AWS, utilizing speed, scale, and flexibility without managing infrastructure costs. With only 150 employees — 60 of whom are engineers — Nextdoor currently supports 135,000 neighborhoods in the United States. Read the article here.

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