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Doc may be a decent a coach but player personnel is not his thing. At the very least, Balmer needs to bring in a GM. The story of Joe Ingles is emblematic of Doc’s decisions. Ingles was signed by the Clippers in 2014 and waived, no doubt to make room for some over-the-hill player like Pierce or Felton. In the 4th quarter, I saw Reddick open on the corner at least 4 times and CP wouldn’t pass to him. The Clips used to be one of the team I liked to watch — they are painful now with CP more focused on what dirty/stupid trick he can play on the opponents or the refs to get a foul call than in just winning. That team is in bad shape and needs someone else managing the roster. Maybe Doc needs to go to — he seems to encourage the whining and emphasis on pulling off tricks to get foul calls. I believe it creates a bad vibe that makes them prone to bad luck.

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