How I Survived 2016

There are many strategies used to survive. And, what does survive mean today? It used to mean getting enough food and having shelter. Nowadays the definition has shifted to mean how did we maintain our vibe. Our vibe is the most important thing to the majority reading this stupid, pathetic rambling bunch of nonsense.

Food of 2016

You have to eat to survive — right? The best new recipe I came up with was for a crotatta. It was developed because frittatas were my staple go-to breakfast food but they were starting to get boring after a few years and affecting my ability to feel a positive vibe in the morning. So, I worked on a recipe combining the healthy, low-carb, high-protein characteristics of a frittata with the great texture of a croissant. I nailed it by using something I learned making pan de yuca. The basic idea is take your typical 8–10 egg frittata recipe and add 1 cup each of tapioca flour, milk and mozzarella cheese to it. I am working on editing a short video of putting one of these together. Hit me up in the comments if you are interested.

Just as important as eating is drinking! The beverage of the year is coffee. Wow, you are saying — really insightful and so profound. This guy is so creative. wow. a dud. I am going to sleep now. That is the point people. Think about it. I can get along without anything else. But, coffee — nope! I got to have it. And, my favorite coffee drink is the humble cappuccino that 95% of coffee bars cannot make properly. How do you fuck up such a simple drink? Let me count the ways: 1) use old beans 2) over-froth the milk. If the so-called barista asks if I want my cap wet or dry it will suck for sure. 3) serve it in a paper cup. If you don’t understand, then you don’t get it-fucking move on. 4) bad beans. There are lots of great roasters out there. My current fave for a cap is Northbound Coffee Roaster’s Prana blend.

Dinner of the year uses my favorite new spice called achiote. Make Puerco Pibil within the next two weeks. It might take you that long to order what you need on Amazon but just do it and stop whining and procrastinating. Gawd, you people are fucking pathetic. If you need motivation and some idea what to do (forget the banana leaves which are nice but totally unnecessary), watch this five minute very entertaining video by Robert Rodriguez. Just watch it for God’s sake and stop finding reasons to continue you current unenlightened fricking existense.

You have to exercise to stay healthy.

And, the winning exercise for 2016 is mountain biking. It has everything: aerobic conditioning (obvious); upper body from doing all those turns and jumps; balancing; and, (not so obvious) motivates me to do other exercises, eat right, not drink too much alcohol, etc so I was ready to ride. My new ride with the latest/greatest essential designs and technology of 27.5 wheels, 34mm shocks, full-suspension, dropper seat post, carbon fiber frame is the Pivot Mach 4 mountain bike which made riding trails so fun again my road bike has gotten very lonely. The trail of the year is the Ashland, OR downhill shuttle that hits several different trails on the way down: Downhill to Bull Gap to Catepillar to Alice in Wonderland to BTI. The shuttle is ridiculously cheap at $15 per ride with discounts for doing multiples.

To get your chill on and maintain that vibe to survive you need cool tunes. The music that ended up in deep rotation was quite varied with everything from hip-hop to electronic, R&B, and pop. Good music usually defies categories and most of the ones on this list are like that. The listed categories just get you in the ballpark.

Hip Hop: Bishop Nehru — Magic 19

Folk: Local Natives — Gorilla Manor

Reggae: Max Romeo — Horror Zone

R&B: Maxwell — Black Summers Night; Anderson Paak — Yes Lawd!; DVSM — Sept 5th; D.R.A.M. — Gahddamn!

Electronic: Nao — For All We Know; AlunaGeorge — I Remember; DJ Koze — Presents Pampa Vol 1

Pop: Shura — Nothings Real; Junior Boys — Kiss Me All Night; Chairlift — Moth; DIIV — Is the is are

Rap: Young Thug — No, My Name is Jeffrey

Picking an overall winner is very difficult. Today I would list Anderson Paak’s Yes Lawd! because it blends the categories of R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop so seamlessly. But, tomorrow I might pick any of the ones from the Pop category.

Movies are the way we survive when life’s stressors pile up and we need to chill out. The standout this year was Arrival.

Director Denis Villeneuve does fabulous work here maintaining a tension throughout the movie that feels like a giant weight on your chest. It made me look for previous works of his and I watched Sicario which is very similar in the way a palpable tension is kept throughout. Amy Adams is excellent. Even those who are not sci-fi fans may like this movie.

The chill adventure of the year was not an epic physical test like I would have felt necessary in the past. Rather this year it was an unexpected ride and river/lake cruise in an amphibian car made back in the 60’s called an Amphicar.

Over two days we bar hopped, saw wild monkeys, cruised locks, hit three different lakes, motored on a state park river, and ate in outside thatched roof restaurants and bars. When NoCal is under heavy skies, cold weather and damp conditions, this adventure was the ultimate in cool, key in helping survive another year and helped me finish 2016 strong in mid-November!

Comment below if you have any questions. What helped you survive 2016?

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