My Disastrous Student Life ends and Amazing Blogging life Starts!

Being an Indian Student it was another trouble itself. And education in India really sucks. Well, at least Gujarat’s (State of India) education really sucks.

In my 10th grade I did above my expectation to be precise above my “Parents” expectation. Well, then something bad happened. I opt for science stream. No no my parents didn't forced me but I myself did as I was really interested being a Computer Engineer.

My 11th grade started and I realized for being a good computer engineer I need to study shitty subjects which I hated it from the beginning i.e. Chemistry & Physics. I was still not getting the point why I need to study those scienctist birth Date which is not going to help me in my entire life! Then eventually I was getting less interested in these subjects I came to the internet world. And really started loving it. I started blogging (which I still do) and later on studying become no more in my life. I mean I left studying not in the sense of leaving the school but I wasn't even studying for my mid term exams.

Later on, Getting very worse grades in my 1st and 2nd semester of 11th standard I was completely in demotion. I was on the verge of getting failed in my 12th grade as in Gujarat we have totally pathetic system in which our grades are counted of all the four semesters and over all the average percentage is board. I knew Now I am not going to get good percentage or at least an above average percentage as I performed ridiculous in my first two semester exams. In fact I failed in second semester and my parents lost all the faith in me.

I saw this image on facebook and I was really satisfied by seeing this! #justsaying.

I am writing this in my third semester and after 10 days I have third semester exams. Hope I do well.

Now the main part comes of my life. i.e. since when I started blogging my life changed it went Awesome if we neglect my study part. I started my first blog in my 9th grade where I was uploading some pirated softwares and movies and making it available for the people to download it for free. The my 10th started and I stopped that blog and later I came to know that doing these kind of things is against the law so I never did that again.

Later, I started blogging after my 11th standard when I felt that studying those stuffs which aren't going to be useful in my practical life is just a waste of time. And then I started a proper blogging. At that time I was blogging only for two things because of my passion and second because I really wanted something of my to be online (Cannot express that in words). Eventually I learned about SEO, Internet Marketing etc.. my interest in blogging never ended. I came to know how people are earning online and making living out of it. There many full time bloggers in India and I got inspiration from them.

Later on, I started earning from my blog through Affiliate Marketing, and Sponsored Reviews. My First online income was $20 and it was not just an online earning but the first penny which I ever earned in my entire life. And moving on, I started making decent amount from blogging. Just now I blog at!

Before some days, I started working offline for companies and they are willing to pay in four figures. But now back to my studying life it was affected drastically. In the line of improvement I was really improving well in blogging and still improving but at the other end I was and I am drastically getting bad in my studies part. But as I was making good and decent income online my parents started supporting me.

In Country Like India it is really hard to make any parent understand about Blogging. Actually not only blogging but anything. Many people wants to do what they love but they couldn’t because of their parents or anyone else. I want to say all those people;

“Dont Ask, Just Show them by Doing it”

Yes, don’t be afraid to do what you love.

I Don’t know about how I am going to complete my graduation if I am doing this bad in studying but I just know one thing that whatever happens in future I am not going to regret this moment. Life Rocks!

P.S. I am not that big blogger who is earning in Millions but my point is I am happy what I am doing. ☺

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