The Girl with Blue Baalti!

This one statement had been generating quiet a lot of interest in people! Why is it everywhere? What is so special about it? Why Blue Baalti and not Bucket? Why, what, how, when and what not!

Well the answers are finally here: this is going to be a new blog series! A series about a girl who happens to be a Strong Independent Anti-Feminist!

The Girl is because she is a girl and Blue Baalti, well because she is in Bangalore these days and there is this serious water problem at the place she lives so she thought, let me just buy a bucket and store water in it for emergency!

The bucket bought was blue and while she was moving around playing with the bucket, the idea struck and hence was born the Girl with the Blue Baalti! The girl who has travelled alone and a lot (not a-lot but still alot), the girl who is a lady but not a delicate one, a true blue woman minus the stereotypes (yeah she also, like all others feels that she is somewhat unique).

She gets so irritated every time someone cries about useless issues like period pains and hence the leaves, not shaving the armpits, pseudo-equality and shouts about feminism feminism and anti-meninism.

So, basically this entire blog series will be about Women’s issues and not from a Feminist but Logical perspective (though both of them may coincide sometimes).

The lady believes in just one thing- Logicism- any buyers for that!