How to Travel the World Without Travelling?!

If you want to be happy, then travel. If you want to learn new things about life and its different cultures, then travel. If you are into new places in order to relax, then travel. If you are a daredevil person and you like stunt places or crazy adventures, then travel. Nowadays, all what do people think about is travelling. They believe it is the secret of many various things and happiness in the first place. As we know, travelling needs money, it is not for free! So when people decide to travel they must have enough money to enjoy their trips. According to that, they work part-time jobs to accomplish their dreams! But what they do not know is travelling could be “free”! Cheaper and easier than what they do positive. Have you ever wondered about travelling around the world without travelling? Nor even changing your place? Have you ever imagine that you could do it and see the charm of the world culture, landscapes and minds with very simple steps? It seems crazy! But there is nothing impossible unless we give up.

A wise man has told me once “It is not absurd to travel around the world and you can do it while you are on your bed! You can hold the entire universe between your hands once you open your book, your heart, your mind and your third eye. To start your unusual fanciful trip, open your book and here what everything starts! Once you open the book that you have chosen to start your voyage in, all these stories, characters, thoughts and scenes will capture your soul and your attention to leave your own normal world and provide you the way in. When you do this, the next step comes!

If you seriously resolved to travel around the world by a lovely book, opening it is and drowning in it is not enough. You cannot just enjoy the fancy life inside, but you also need to open your heart. A man named Shams Altabrizi said once “The way to the truth passes through the heart not through the head. Make your heart your main guide, face, challenge and in the end beat yourself by your heart. When you do this, you will get the right path to the truth” the pure verity is not that easy to figure out, it needs a refined heart and soul, so must care about these two to achieve it.

The brain is where all knowledge stored after it passes the heart. Opening your book and heart won’t aid you to supplement your imaginary journey, what get by the heart required a place to be clarified and to be logical so you could understand what is going on. Having the knowledge without recognizing it via brain it will be without avail, exactly as useless as brushing away your house in a dust day. To have the capacity to do this, you have to free out your mind from all those ordinary thoughts and start thinking in adversary way.

Have you ever heard about the third eye? No? So do i! Until I have read another quote for Shams says” Our hearts is the most essential thing in whatever we do rather than our out looking. When a mystic stares at someone he closes his eyes and opens his third eye, the eye that look into the internal world of you” so the third eye provide us a diverse vision to all these things that we have might know before.

Is you applied these steps to your life, I am certain that you will experience an extremely different meaning of travelling and shall discover a new extraordinary world you have not seen before. Travel is a pleasant way to refresh your life and its routine, but sometimes we could not travel, so we must think about the alternatives.

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