Should Prison Be About Punishment or Rehab?

When we grow up, we learn how much human’s life is sacred, and each one in the world should be treated as a human and be given all the rights without taking them away for any reason even if that person was guilty. We learn throughout our lives that murder is the most profound injustice; we learn how to participate with people within our society and how to stick to the rules in order to have and live in an ideal world as much as possible. We try to cooperate to feel that the whole community looks like a one person. Furthermore, we spend our life learning that the courtroom is the place where people search for truth, rights, and in the end justice will prevail. Apparently, trying to live as one soul seems to be quit rough due to the fact that things do not go the way we want it to go, so as a result of this, the society has criminals, murders, and drugs fenders and people who drink alcohol and commit horrible things. During decades, governors still have that old debate about whether prison should be for punishment or for reforming. Opinions and points of views are differ from person to another, but for those who believe in rehabbing have somewhat strong arguments against those who disagreed with them and believe that jail held to teach those criminals a remarkable lesson on how to stick to the rules and approach the low. Even though incarceration has made to punish those who break the low, there are many reasons why rehab is more effective than punishment.

There is no doubt that prison has made for punishment, it is not a hotel where people can simply go and have fun or enjoying their time there. The punishment starts the moment when the inmate has sentenced as he removed and kept away from the community, family, friends and his right to freedom. It is not about how many video games the prisoner can lay during the day or how many hours ha spend on watching TV. It is about how can this prison change the culture of offending and give those prisoner different reasons quit committing crimes for a life time. The only thing we can apply to change this culture is to them that there are many alternative ways to live and behave instead of breaking the low despite of struggles they face in their everyday life. Once the incarceration is used to for punishment rather than rehabilitating, in this case there is not going to be any advantages of jailing them because they will be jailed, punished and they will return to the society worse off than when they got there. The point is, to jail them and try to reform their lives and behaviors in a way that makes us feel comfortable about having them back in the real life. On the other hand, when the inmate gets to prison and treated badly and the jailer humiliates him then what is the upside the society and the prisoner will get in the end?

Rehab is an essential sort of punishment as it reforms people’s lives and behaviors to be become well. Thus, rehab is about changing offender’s tricks and ways to prevent him from committing crimes again. It occurs with humanizing idea that desperado will be able to be saved from himself. If people are jailed for the sake of punishment, then the will have a bad reputation and it will be a community full of crimes because prisoners will commit them to revenge. The best way to have them back and reshape their lives in order to delete their past and give them the chance to draw a new and pleasant future is to treat them not to let them until they get rot in the prison. When people are rehabbed instead of being jailed, this is going to be the greatest translation of “Human Rights “. Everyone make mistake, but despite of their distinct reasons they must be given the chance to correct their mistakes and given the opportunity to be accepted in the society one more time. In the fact, rehabilitating helps to recognize the inequality in the life, Furthermore, we can help unlucky people who have been overcome by their circumstances and led them end the jail. It ignores the idea the individuals, regardless their positions in the social arrangement, apply the equal freedom when they decide whether to commit and should be punished equally according to their crimes, neglecting their backgrounds. Policies which ignore the difficulties that inmates go through will be fallen and disabled.

Some offenders have mental health issues, emotional problems, learning hardships and the list does on until the end of the world. And it is differ from person to another. These issues and problems can be highlighted as reasons to drawn into crimes. Rehabilitation is about giving the tools to change many of these problems and make them feel that in spite of everything they still a part of the community. If we do not accept the challenge and trying to change the offender culture then we will free and release them with nothing, but more ability to commit crimes. As a guide to the sentencing decision of judges, when they set rehabilitation as an objective, it will provide the most flexible direction. Setting rehabilitation as the guide can give an offender who has learnt from his mistakes the chance receive a lighter sentence. Moreover, it can give tougher different sentences to help them reform if they are not willing to be reformed.

If we have the opportunity to find a medicine that will cure some criminals so they will never think about offending again, will we neglect it? Even though if it does not apply to foe all people, at least it still worthwhile, does not it? It is not different with rehabilitative programmers, we should totally support them if they can show and prove that they can do and the most recent studies show that they do. Programs such as this include cognitive behavioral programs which are trying to get violent offender to think and react distinctively to potential condition. Punishment can take the shape of any form. Punishment and rehabilitation can work together since they both play a main role in the criminal justice system. Rehabilitation controls crime if it is effectively done right.