The Blue Spring

The sea, I always had that dark picturing of it. A monster tries to pull me into death in abrupt manner. I scream but no one hears me, I fight without avail because he was stronger than me. After he pulled me into the rock bottom, I start losing my power and giving up, my chest is full of salty water, my lunges about to explode and my ears too. That’s why I have never thought about going to sea or... To the monster! Later on, everything has changed in unexpected way. Which make me realize that the beauty in this world never ends unless we close our hearts?

Jeddah, the bride of the red sea as the people call it, held my entire story with the sea. In the previous vacation we traveled to Jeddah for three weeks to have some fun with our relatives. One day, my mother suggests watching the sunrise in front of the sea, actually I disagreed with her! The reason was the weather, it was hot and wet. Unfortunately this kind of weather came into my nerve and bugs me. Being angry to everyone was the aftermath.

My sisters and my cousins tried their best to convince me to go with them, I agreed at the end. Finally, we found ourselves on the beach after we barely got there because of the crowded streets and all of those crazy drivers. The sun started to shine with a smiley face and lovely filaments of light, I watched it rising and it was an adorable scene, but what was most gorgeous is the sea … The blue spring!

I stood in front of the sea, with no moving, no talking, even with on whispering or blink of an eye. I do not remember that I have ever seen such a glamor thing like that before! The sky above the sea, the waves were like dancers, the birds fly freely and the sand was so smooth, everything was terrific in a diverse way, I felt that all this view is a diving picture. While I was there I remembered Prophet Moses story the greatest story that happened in the sea, I realized the greatest of God when the situation of the sea change when he order it, it was unusual moment for meditation.

"The Blue Spring" is the new name instead of the monster. I added it to my favorite friends: the moon, the night, the roses and the sea became the fourth one. I am thankful that the journey has changed my thought and my feelings about the sea. Sometimes you have to change what you believe in, especially when it prevents you to see the beauty of life. Let your feelings fly and free your soul, nothing worth to be afraid of.

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