It was extremely deep..!

I have never thought about being interested in watching any movie or documentary about mathematics, but this time was absolutely different. I can definitely say that this movie is beyond description. One Indian man was capable of adding so much to the world. I was attached to it since the very first scene and filming it in Harvard, the place I am longing to be in made it even more amazing and close to me.

I kept asking myself, how much do I believe in my ability to accomplish my dreams as a translator? How much do I believe in God's willingness and assist that he will help me go as far as possible? I felt so bad for giving up on me several times and underestimating myself.

This movie was a simulation to our reality, the combination of pure and immaculate love, hope, bravery, tenderheartedness, friendship and racism some people have. The notion of humanitarian was so impressive addition to the movie. At the end, those who criticised and dispised him during his presence among them, honored his memory and never abjured what he has done.

We need a true friend to stand beside us for we cannot do everything on our own. We need someone to count on, someone who cares and believe in our creative insanity. Partners are as precious diamond, they will glow in the very dark moments and take our hands to the light. For believing in God is the core of our lives, one should not ever stop resorting to him when feeling like a broken branch or that his knees are not capable of doing their job and holding him anymore.

Well, I cried in the end, the tragic ending was unexpected as I thought he will recover and be well once he gets home and be with his beloved wife. It was touchable and I hope everyone can watch it and feel what I felt.