Shatо.io project news.

Updated white paper. signed an agreement with the project promotion company.

We are negotiating with the company for the delivery and customs clearance of beverages.

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• Enhanced payment options, goods purchased at the site — users will be able to pay for purchases with basic cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC), with their own tokens of the STC platform, as well as with fiat (traditional) cash.

• Transparent and secure purchases — 100% filling out the order of the Agent. All purchases of goods will pass through a smart deal. Thus, it would be in the Ethereum blockchain. If you buy the order, it will be the case.

• It is up to you to make the right decision to make it…



• Token SHATO COIN (STC) generated based on the Ethereum blockchain(ERC-20) and the cryptographic token is open source and a utility token.

• Calculation using the token can not be outside the platform.

• Each participant of the ICO, after starting SHATO service is free to use token to purchase any drinks on-site.

• STC token will be released with a limited issue and is not affected by inflation in the long run. The token is a means of delivering liquidity within the site and in the process all of…


•The opportunity to participate in the referral program as part of a unique kraudseyla procedure.

•Lottery participants ICO, where there will be a chance to get a return on invested funds in the purse double.

•Discounts for paying goods and services purchased tokens STC

•Access to additional features playgrounds (lotteries, promotions) with the use of tokens sold STC on stage ICO.

•Special conditions for long-term investment in the “ripen” alcohol. FOR BUYERS

•Service acquisition and delivery of alcohol, which combines the convenience of the tool joint procurement and security Blockchain technology operations

INVESTMENTS IN ALCOHOL During the crisis, many investors seek to invest in assets whose value does not depend on the collapse of quotations on stock and commodity markets. One of such investment objects is wine funds. Their assets are tens of thousands of decalitres of wine, but to get income in such funds in kind will not work. Despite the fact that the object of wine investments is mainly of French origin, most of the funds are located offshore. The main part of the funds was created in the period from 2006 to 2009, the most recent — in 2011…

SHATO SERVICE Buy good alcohol and a half times cheaper than in the store? Avoid mark-up intermediaries? Try alcohol, which usually can only be seen in pictures of magazines or on the Internet? This is real! People are constantly buying something: for themselves and their husband, for children and parents, for the home or their garden… At the same time, we are forced to pay tangible amounts for the goods. After all, the store in which we shop, pays for the rent of the premises, the salary to the sellers, taxes, and also pays for electricity and heating — but…

SHATO — a modern service, which gives customers the opportunity to conveniently purchase quality alcoholic beverages, provided directly by manufacturers, as well as purchasing it with popular cryptocurrency.
In the same time SHATO is a trading platform that provides manufacturers of alcoholic beverages the opportunity to offer products to a broad market without the cost of marketing and entry barriers. SHATO platform mission is to provide
connoisseur quality alcoholic beverages directly from the manufacturer at an affordable price with the use of technology blockchain.
Project SHATO It is developing a service that consists of four parts:
As the major service:
•Trading platform for the…

The SHATO team is partnered with a famous French manufacturer CGM WINS who has been an active player on the elite alcohol market for 21 years. CSM VINS produces a wide range of high-quality wine.
The SHATO team is negotiating cooperation agreements with alcohol manufacturers located in France, Georgia, Italy, Spain, and other countries.

Trading platform for alcohol sale: Trading platform where customers can purchase alcohol directly from the manufacturer. Distinctive features of the platform are: registration of a joint purchase of alcohol at a bargain price, fixing the history of all orders in the blockchain, as well as receiving remuneration in the form of internal cryptocurrency for activity on the site.

The liquor auction: The Shato alcohol auction provides producers of alcohol or investors (matured alcohol) with the opportunity to put their products up for sale in any size, and anyone willing to safely and without intermediaries buy these products as in a…

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