What is shatter?

Aug 21, 2019 · 4 min read

Before going into the product of the day, let’s take a blunt ride to the father product CANNABIS. Cannabis for those who don’t know and those who know is majorly regarded as MARIJUANA: a psychoactive drug for recreational and medicinal uses having its most active ingredient as THC Tetrahydrocarnabinol one of the 483 identified compounds in the plant. The strains of cannabis are the cannabis sativa, cannabis indicia, cannabis rudealis with the active ingredients being Tetrahydrocarnabinol, cannabidiol, cannabinol, tetrahydro cannabinerin all of which leaves a person in a stoned or high state. When stoned, you’re high in the clouds with a change of perception, having a heightened mood and having an increase in appetite. The consumption of cannabis and its sale has been legalized in Canada which is one of the main producers of the plant.

Many different strains have been extracted from MARIJUANA, SHATTER being one of them. Shatter being one of the extracts from marijuana is a hard substance and has a translucent concentrate look and texture of glass.

Shatter is a form of cannabis extract that is brittle and glass-like in nature with a tendency to snap when handled. The shatter was given the name because of its breakable nature. It appears honey-like, bright-colored, sometimes yellow to olive oil colored. Shatter is an extract of cannabis manufactured from a high concentration level of Tetrahydrocarnabinol and cannabidiol combined with heat, moisture and a high level of terpene to yield its clear appearance. This substance is available for purchase online in Canada.

How to use shatter

Shatter contains a high-level concentrate of 70% or higher made from the solvent-based process that extracts high cannabinoid and terpene levels extracted from the cannabis plant. Shatter gets one so high up in the clouds so you only need a small quantity of it too get the desired result which you can break with your finger. You can use the following methods to consume your shatter.

Adding to a joint

When you roll your regular joint with the herbs in, the little quantity of shatter you need should be crushed into crumbs and sprayed around the herb. It can’t be rolled alone as the heat will dissolve the shatter. It has to be the herb laced with a little quantity of shatter.

A vape pen or Vaporizer

This method requires you using a vape designed for use with high concentrates. Put a small quantity of shatter which will give the desired result in the chamber, push the button and allow to heat and form vapor, inhale the vapor and get high.


This is the best method to consume the shatter. The dab is equipped with the rig (a small water pipe), a flat bowl and a nail all of which are designed to tolerate high temperature. To consume the shatter with the dab, preheat the nail to an optimum temperature, with the aid of the flat bowl, place the little quantity of the shatter into the nail which will cause a vapor, with a cap over the nail, capture the vapor and on the other end of the rig, open up, inhale the vapor and get high.

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What makes shatter different

When you classify shatter, we’d all say it’s an extract of the cannabis plant. With that, we’ve generalized it. But if we say ‘what makes it different’ then we would be specific on what makes it stand out amongst other strains of the cannabis plant. The things that make the shatter unique include;


Shatter is an oil extract from the cannabis plant and it is glass-like, bright, yellow, hard, brittle. Which other extracts do you know that has this feature? None I’m certain.


Shatter is 70% high in Tetrahydrocarnabidiol and more potent than wax. The pure concentration of such compound would definitely be stoning.

Isn’t shatter to be considered special enough?


Every research has stated that only a little quantity of shatter is needed to give the desired result, which says enough that shatter is very potent.

A little quantity and you’re high to the clouds giving you a strong and fast relief from any painful symptoms when used medicinally.

Benefits of shatter

Consumption of shatter is very beneficial as you only need a little quantity to get high and you buy shatter online in Canada from a registered seller. The potency of a little quantity of shatter is a benefit in its own.

Another benefit of shatter for the curious mind is that it goes into the bloodstream faster than other plant extracts from cannabis. That means all you need is dab a little. It goes directly and fast into the bloodstream and produces the required result almost nearly instant result is produced.

Also, with shatter, you focus on low quantity more result unlike the other plant extracts which requires high quantity before results. At the same time, the lungs is secured from inhaling toxic and harmful contents into the lungs which can cause lungs related diseases in the near future.

Finally, them olecular structure of shatter is stable and will, therefore, last longer before it degrades and becomes less potent like the wax or other cannabis extracts.

Buying shatter online

Buying marijuana has never been easier. Since it’s legalization, users can now buy shatter for their consumption without fear of the authorities. Like every product, you can easily buy cheap shatter online in Canada. When you have a planned budget for the quantity of your shatter you need, you can get it online. Cheap shatter is available for purchase online and in shops, and if you want to get your shatter in Canada, we could always provide for you

Knowing fully well that shatter is very potent, requiring low quantity to get fast and efficient results, you should turn to dabbing shatter for its recreational use and for its medicinal use in relieving pain, handling inflammation, relieving stress and various other medical symptoms.

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