Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner motor and spark plug wire detailing

I moved on to seeing how the engine would fit, so cut the pieces free from the sprue and loosely assembled it. I tape the body together again, as it kept falling apart.

I was checking to see if I could lift the air clear a touch as it sits almost on top of the distributor. There does seem to be room to do this. Not 100% sure though, so instead I am going to try some thing else I think.

Above is the view from the side showing a gap. Further inspection showed this was down to the front suspension not being seated correctly.

Here is a look from the bottom, the wheel shaft should be quite a bit higher, it looks as though the bottome suspension is not even touching the chassis.

Above I am holding the front suspension in it’s correct place. The gap between wher the hood would be and the air cleaner is now much smaller.

On to getting ready for spark plug wires…

Being a firm believer in using what’s at hand (some would say, a cheapskate) I found some wires that may do the trick.

Close up picture shows how the air cleaner really does touch the distributor.

Looks messy but the air cleaner covers it mostly. I don’t have the tiny drill bits that I see many model builders using, so I cam up with a plan, more on that below.

Air cleaner on and it does not look that bad. Here you can see the first wire goes from the coil, to the centre of the distributor. The second wired comes out of the distributor, over the valve cover to the spark plug.

Same as photo above, only now without the air cleaner.

My cheapskate wires!

Here is where you usually find them, tied around cables too keep them in check.

Test fitting and seeing how it all looks inside the engine bay. Looks like it will work to me.

The method I use is a bit messy, basically I heat up the wire, then push it into the distributor while it is very hot and melt a hole. I have made nine holes in here. With all the wires in, I don’t think it will look too bad, but time will tell.

With the air cleaner on the wire is almost not noticeable, and the messy distributor even less so.

Test fitting a wheel, I really like the look of these wheels!

The cylinder heads have pointy bits on them. Initially I thought they were meant to be the spark plugs, so I butchered two to take the wires.

Figured out that they actually represent the exhaust headers going onto the cylinder heads. The photo above shows that I added four holes, roughly where the spark plugs actually would be.

Another shot showing the holes where the spark plug wires will go into.

Underneath, you can see the wire poking through. This is ok as there is s gap, between this part and the engine block.

Almost time to slap some paint on the motor!