Another Depression Story

Millions of people around the world every day, share their story with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. So why should this one be any different right?

The truth is they are all different . Every single story is different because mental health issues affect each person differently. Thousands many have the same diagnosis as the other, but they all experience individually. The symptoms may be the same but the severity differs. The affect that condition they have effects each brain different. Therefore every mental health story is different.

Which begs the question, which is it still a hidden and taboo subject? Yes we have come along way from locking those with mental health issues away in asylums, and we have come along way with new therapy’s, medications​,new psychology reports and research, but then again suffering inside your own head can be the loneliest place in the world.

Ive been suffering with depression and anxiety for almost 3 years. I’m 23 and a mum of 2 little girls of 5 and 2 years old. I have good days and bad days . On my bad days I feel like there is a darkness around me , a blackness inside of me. When something good happens to me I should be happy about it but I can’t be . The blackness doesn’t let me. When I want to be calm I can’t . I’m angry and irritable . When I want to enjoy something as simple please as a movie I can’t. My head is too busy.

On my good days I feel like Mary Poppins. I’m fun, chatty , I sing for Christ sake . Yes those busy thoughts and ugly feelings are still there lingering in the background, but on those days I can push them aside for a wile.

It’s hard being depressed. It’s lonely. It’s ugly. It’s painful. But for every darkness there is a light. My children are my light. You need to find yours.

So the point is this story is that don’t scroll past those who are trying to reach out and post their story and think they can’t help you or they can’t relate because they can. If you know someone is suffering they say they are fine . They are not. They want someone to really listen , to care , to feel Important for 5 minutes.

For the millions of of people who suffer, and for the millions who share their suffering , mental health issues are a silent condition. Keep sharing keep empowering keep mental health awareness going!

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