Shauna Bottos || 5 Effective Ways to Make Your Writing More Interesting and Impactful

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As a writer, we’ve lots of thoughts running wild inside our minds. It’s really not a particular incident that triggers our heart to think deep or analyze a situation; it’s more of our persona that is fabricated to think different always.

Give us a clear sky and we’ll pen down thoughtful words on it; give us a shabby weather and we’ll still make your heart beat. A writer sees at things from a different perspective, and presents a mundane scenario with the most striking and colourful touches.

But there is always room for improvement because my friend, life is a journey full of possibilities and exploration and you have ample time to learn and head towards perfection.

Nowadays, writing has gained so much popularity that more and more people are taking up the once hailed ‘fancy hobby’ as their professional venture. You may be a fantastic writer or you may have thousands of thoughts in your mind, only unable to put them down on paper.

Whatever the cause, our main aim is to help you turn your thoughts into interesting write-ups that will allow your thoughts to literally seep through your readers’ minds. Therefore, here are 5 effective ways to achieve the mission of better writing.

1. Let your interest shine in your words

Travel, fashion, health and fitness, entertainment — wherever your interest lies, make sure that your interest is clearly visible in your writing. When you add your interest in your words, somehow it impacts the mind of your readers thereby sustaining their interest in the piece and prompting them to read more.

2. Add fascinating details

One of the key things that a content writing institute teaches to make your write-up interesting is to spice it up. And, that can only happen when you add alluring details to your narration. Little details trigger the readers’ minds to picture the words their brains pick up, and this is a great way to make a lasting impression on them.

3. Know where to draw the line

While adding little details in your story ensure that you don’t start blabbering to the point that your write-up eventually becomes boring anyway. Certain things are better left unsaid and should be kept on the discretion of your readers. It’s enthralling (take it from an avid reader herself) when you’re given the window to imagine without anyone deciding for you which road to take for your thought process.

4. Try to write in present tense

Every content writing course provider will probably teach you this trick. The reason behind it is that when you make your narration in present tense, it gives your readers the feeling of being right in the moment as if they’re the protagonist of the story, and are experiencing whatever they’re reading. This is a great way to have a lasting effect on their minds.

5. Ignore clichés

If your mind thinks, “It was a fine day,” you should immediately rethink your process. Whether you’re addressing laymen or well-read people, nobody likes to read clichés because it has no X-Factor in them (at least anymore) and would quickly bore them. Therefore, opt for unique techniques to go about with your write-ups that would exude your personal style and yet not shift away from the point.

Did anybody say to you that writing is fun? It sure is.

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