Disconnect to Connect // #DinnerMode

We’re aware that muting our devices is not a preventative method, it’s a silencing method. Let me set the scene:

“You are sitting down for dinner (alone, with friends, with your SO) and your phone is lying face down, muted, so you can pretend that you actually don’t care who is pinging you. You chat for about five minutes and realize that whatever it is you’re discussing (or thinking) requires a screen share, Google, or photo opp. All of these instances require a mobile device, tablet, and/or computer. ”

You will not find my husband and I on our devices when out in public together. That rule only applies outdoors. When at home we are always on: answering work or personal emails, scrolling Instagram, ESPN, looking for a movie or show to watch. (We’re big GOT fans.) Even when Daenerys Targaryen is being a boss, I can’t help but check my email, you know, just in case.

I welcome this new app, DinnerMode. How is it different than muting or putting your phone away? You get a pop-up type warning if you access your phone before the pre-selected time of either 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour. This is an overachiever’s nightmare.

“I didn’t complete the challenge. #fail”

I would highly recommend DinnerMode for anyone struggling with the ability to actually unplug.

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