The 15 Songs Of You

Here are all the songs that make me think of you!
  1. My Life Would Suck Without You: This one is pretty self-explanatory. I’m a very lucky lady to have a sister as weird and wonderfully cool as you!
  2. Barcelona: The most recent addition to the songs that make me think about you. I think of my amazing birthday week at home and nothing making me happier than seeing that you knew the Spanish lyrics too and loved the song just as much as me, te amo mi cariño!
  3. I Would: Only one of the many songs that The Marvellous Mallon Trio danced and sang to in my room while we put on makeup or dried and fixed our hair. Pretty sure we’ve scarred Daddy for life!
  4. Ultraviolet: Good old Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging; The start of my pop/rock phase! But also the song that I discovered on one of your playlists and realised that it was kinda the start of yours too!
  5. One And The Same: THROWBACK! I laughed so hard when I remembered this song and cried a little that I still remember the words. I class this song as our official duet and the soundtrack of our sisterhood! If I remember right, I was Demi and you were Selena.
  6. Bat Out Of Hell: So before I turn this song over, I immediately think of you and Daddy in the car bursting your eardrums. This is 100% your Father-Daughter song and we’re both very proud that you have a little rocker inside of you!
  7. Stamp On The Ground: Throwback №2! The fact you still remember the dance amazes me but this song is so many hours of sweating and laughing. Ohhh the days when we had nothing better to do than learn Jumpstyle!
  8. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time: I was very happy bunny when I asked you what songs you wanted recorded at the concert and you basically gave me the whole setlist. It told me you love them just as much as me and that I’ve rubbed off on you, at least music wise!
  9. Today Was A Fairytale: Unfortunately, this is one of the only Taylor Swift songs on Spotify so its a representation of all her songs. At one time or another, a Taylor Swift song has been a perfect soundtrack to our current situation and we have her to thank for many a sing-song!
  10. The Sound: This song is an ode to the future! I promise that, even though its not this time around, we will get to see The 1975 live and we will have the most fantastic time ever!
  11. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Glee Version): I am not even joking when I say that to this day, I can’t think, say or sing the words “You can’t always get what you want” without automatically hearing you sing Shauna Mallon! Ahh the good, old Glee singsongs on the Chrysler road trips.
  12. Boys That Sing: This is the first song that I loved that you had been listening to first! For me, this is the song of your musical independence. Up until I overheard you playing this, the songs you were listening to I already knew. I looked at your playlists and was mightily impressed at your songs. Since then, I always have a sneak-peak at them for new music!
  13. Macarena: This is very much a song of my childhood. However, I have it on good authority that you loved it and used to wave your arms like crazy in the pram, trying to say Shauna as performed the Macarena like pro!
  14. Club Can’t Handle Me: Step Up 3 WOO! Or to me - the first time we successfully learnt most of a rap and felt like gods, while Mum and Dad wondered how we had could remember that but not schoolwork. We’ve come a long way since then, Can’t Hold Us is no walk in the park!
  15. Ashokan Farewell: As many times as I’ve played this song, I will never forget how amazed and proud we were when you played this for Féis and were depressingly good at it! Oh, and the fact that you were ROBBED for 1st place!
  16. Ice Cream Freeze (Let’s Chill): Another song that reminds me of the carefree days when our main concern was getting a dance routine memorised before dinner. Miss them days yet?
  17. I Want You To Want Me: You’re probably not but in case you’re wondering where you’ve heard this song, it’s the soundtrack to 10 Things I hate About You. I remember you recorded it because you said you absolutely loved it and I’m not gonna lie, you earned massive cool sister points that day!
  18. Leave the Light On: We can’t leave mamma bear’s song for you out either. We have been truly blessed with such talented parents so cherish the 1205 days of Mummy’s singing that you have left!
  19. Be Somebody: My worst nightmare was basically confirmed at the concert when you didn’t even get iD’d.. you officially looked as old as me and not the 13 year old you were! This song reminds me of how grown up you are in every way.

So no matter who you decide to be, I’m incredibly proud and privileged to call you my sister! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I love you! ❤️

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