Come As You’ll Be Party

Today I did something that scared the shit out of me.

All week, I’ve participated in a Jack Canfield training (and it’s been AMAZING…) I knew the end of the training commenced with a “Come As You’ll Be Party”. As in, come to the party and pretend it’s five years in the future. Mingle with everybody and chit chat about what you’ve been up to in the last five years, and how successful you are now, as if it were five years from now.

I’ve known about this party since I first read his book “The Success Principles” so when I signed up for his training, I began thinking about who I wanted to be in five years.

Terrified. That is the best word to describe how I felt about this “fun” exercise.

Said fellow coach; Lanette Pottle

Per the wise instruction of my fellow coach, I gave myself permission to not know the answer until I did (as in, that day) and just “went with it. The results were incredible…

Being around everybody with such high energy about their success was contagious. I felt pure glee and sincere belief they would achieve what they were setting out to accomplish .

As for myself, I’ll keep my business goals a bit closer to my heart but I’ll share a personal goal that surprised me. Here’s how I started off most conversations tonight when people asked me what I’d been up to lately.

“Well, I finally took a good amount of time off and traveled to Alaska on cruise with my entire family. It was incredible to experience the beauty and the adventure with then. I’m so grateful to have shared that and created memories to last.”

I’ll tell you this much, I KNOW I’ll be doing a cruise to Alaska and I’m pretty sure most of the people at the party will be accomplishing what they talked about tonight as well.

Speaking “as if”, acting “as if” and being in a room where 250 other people are doing the same thing is electrifying…

What will you be doing in five years?

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