Keeping Our Agreements

It doesn’t always feel that important. Especially if you aren’t breaking your word with anyone else.

On May 23, I made an agreement with myself to blog every day until I started my next film job. (If you didn’t know, I do both)

So far, minus a short unexpected camping excursion with no internet reception, I’ve kept my word.

This matters deeply to me.

Principle fifty-four -> Keep Your agreements
Image: Luis Llerena
“Every agreement you make is ultimately with yourself. Even when you are making an agreement with someone else, your brain hears it and registers it as a commitment. You are making an agreement with yourself to do something , and when you don’t follow through, you learn to distrust yourself. The result is a loss of self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence. You lose faith in your ability to produce a result. And you weaken your sense of integrity.” — Jack Canfield

In his book “The Success Principles”, Jack lays out 67 principles to live your life by. It’s essentially a roadmap for anyone striving to achieve personal or professional dreams. (Who isn’t!) I’ve read this book twice now and have a feeling it’s one I’ll be going back to again and again.

I made the daily blogging agreement with myself for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to dispel my own limiting belief of not having enough content or time to blog and put out a weekly newsletter for my life coaching business.
  2. I craved creative growth.

Mission accomplished! I’m achieving both simultaneously. Though I’m not sure it will be something that “ends” necessarily, I feel like I’ve grown creatively and I’ve proven to myself I can create enough content to write weekly for over a year. (Today’s day count is 72!)

Right now, I’m in San Diego attending a conference. The hours are long and the content is emotional. I’m beyond tired. I’m spent. Sitting down to write at night instead of slipping into blissful sleep is a CHALLENGE.

I could stop. My reasons for blogging have been answered. But my intent to blog until I start my next movie was the goal and agreement I made with myself. But what’s one day?

One day is every day.

If I skip a day, what’s to keep me from skipping two days or three? Here’s what I asked myself that kept me going.

How will I feel about this tomorrow?

If I skip a day, how will I feel about that tomorrow? The answer was DISAPPOINTED. Jack is right. And my feelings would have gone deeper than just disappointment. I would have lost respect for myself and most likely some of the confidence I gained as well.

That’s no good!

And so, fueled with trust in my follow through, I will continue to put pen paper (or fingertips to keyboard) until I begin my next j.o.b. on August 22.

What agreement will you make (and keep!) with yourself next?

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