Minute by Minute

“No, I want the spikey ball thingy!” “No it’s MY turn!” This was our afternoon entertainment today while at a friend’s lovely home with a pool. I was ready to halve the ball ala Solomon style but my friend came up with a much better solution. “Let’s set a timer for 1 minute so you each have some time to play with it before giving it up till your next turn”. Good idea and me with my iphone handy, I was already setting my timer.

Perfect solution. The boys seemed content and it was easy enough to reset every 60 seconds. I was hardly even aware I was pressing start again on the maybe twelfth time when my friend said, “Boy, a minute sure goes by quickly, doesn’t it!”

SERIOUSLY. It felt like I was restarting the minute alarm to go off every 10 seconds.

A minute really does go by quick like. Come to think of it, so does an hour, and really, the day is gone before you know it. And was it just last week we were thinking of doing blah-dee-blah? Suddenly, POOF, 5 years have gone by.

Make your minute count. Because time is counting and it doesn’t appear to be stopping.

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