Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

To Your Health

Whenever I’m sick, I desperately wish to be well again. Last month I had some 24 hour bug and spent most of the night hugging the toilet and wishing our bathroom floor was carpeted. I promised “The Universe” I would appreciate my good health once restored, if I could just feel better, right then, please.

And then I did. I got better. I forgot how sick I’d been. And I went about my merry way, blissfully ignoring and not appreciating my health.

Cut to a few weeks later and me waking up polka dotted and not knowing if I had a rash, chicken pox, or been a meal to some unknown bug. Back to to me promising to appreciate my health when it’s good.

Will it stick this time?

Today I found out a wonderful woman I know has cancer that keeps coming back. She’s fought it twice already and is now facing round 3. She has a young baby and should worrying about when her baby might graduate from crawling to walking. Instead, she is scheduling her next round of chemo and strategizing major life decisions.

I dedicate my present and future appreciations of my health to her.

Let’s all appreciate our health today.