Twenty Free Things To Do With Your Children (or under $5)

Van Nuys Airport’s Viewing Deck

Tried and true by Holden and I…

  1. Airport viewing deck -> Most airports have these. Go Google crazy and find out where your local airport lets people watch airplanes and helicopters come and go. Kids LOVE this.
  2. Go yard sale-ing -> I give Holden 4 quarters and explain his $1 budget should last him the few yard sales we’re going to. He gets to choose what to spend his money on, and sometimes he even decides to save some.
  3. Beach Day! ->Or, if you don’t live near a beach, pack some food, go for a drive and have a picnic!
  4. Community Pool -> Usually only a couple of bucks and always fun.
  5. Library -> Tons of activities for kids or just go and hang out while reading books in the kid section
  6. Museums -> Most museums have days you can bring children for free or very little costs. (LA specific, Getty, LACMA, Science Center)
  7. Hike -> You guys and a mountain or a field, go crazy.
  8. Parks Parks Parks -> We have made it our mission to test every park in our neighborhood
  9. Observatory -> OK, not every town has this but if yours does, GO!
  10. Free Concerts -> Check your city guide, there’s always fun free music going on.
  11. Free Movies -> Ditto to movies.
  12. Dollar Store -> Again, budget is $1 and the possibilities are endless.
  13. Horse Shows -> Not the shows themselves but usually the day of, everyone will have their horses there, in stables all day to show off, and you can spend hours there for free. And if you know anyone with horses, ask if you could come help groom and feed them one day.
  14. Farmer’s Markets -> Get your veggie shopping out of the way and the find that music guy or gal who always has tamborines and maracas for the kiddos to shake.
  15. Yardwork -> Kids LOVE getting dirty and playing in the dirt is scientifically proven to be healthy for us all.
  16. Scavenger Hunt -> Easy to do and fun fun fun for the kiddos.
  17. Sidewalk Chalk Art -> Grab some and sit down in front of your own door!
  18. Cook-> Holden LOVES cooking with me and is always so proud when he gets to eat the food he helped make.
  19. Go for a walk -> Easy, free, and if you walk in your neighborhood, you don’t even have to drive anywhere. Just open your front door, and GO.
  20. Home Depot or Lowes -> Who knew! Smart on their part and fun on ours, each of these lumber stores hosts a free workshop once a month. Kids get a pack to build something. A hammer is always involved and usually paint. LOADS of fun.

Good times don’t have to cost a bundle…

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