We ARE Special Snowflakes!

My kid does not dominate the radio when we’re in the car together, in fact, I would say we never listen to “kid’s music”. One of his frequent requests is Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock & Roll” and his favorite part is when she screams “Ooooowwww!”

So when my cousin recommended the podcast “Brains On”, specifically for Holden, I was suspect. Mostly annoyed by children’s TV shows, it didn’t dawn on me there’s be good radio shows for them I might enjoy too. Enter Brains On, a podcast about science and stuff kiddos (and adults!) are curious about, with the questions and answers put together by both adults and kids. In short, we both love it.

Today we were listening to “Why Are No Two Snowflakes The Same?”, and I found myself quasi listening and partly day dreaming. I caught part of what the guest snow expert gave as explanation. Paraphrasing, he basically said no two snowflakes are alike because each of them goes a slightly different path on their way to becoming snowflakes. As each droplet of water falls from the sky, they freeze onto a dust particle, now an ice crystal, and then fall from the sky onto the ground. During the fall, the water vapor freezes onto the crystal building new crystals. And, viola, you have the six armed snowflake. But did you catch the first part about why each one is different? They each take a completely different path on their journey to earth. Their journey is the reason why no two could ever possibly be alike, you know, like people.

We’re all on different paths from each other and have come to where we are by our own subjective journey.

We are special snowflakes and no two of us are exactly the same.

Feel special? Damn straight you should! There’s only one of you.

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