Why We Can’t Let Go Of Stuff (Especially Books)

“Let’s swap the bedroom for our office.”- Troy Sanders.

My husband comes up with some of the greatest ideas of our journey together. The Taco Truck at our wedding is a good example of this.

Like with any good project, a lot of prep is going into our latest home endeavor. Moving the office into the bedroom and vice versa means moving out of and into two rooms at once, but this is SUCH a good idea, for two reasons. 1. Our office has turned into more of an overflow room and is not a room I spend any amount of time in and certainly not conducive to getting any work done. 2. Our current bedroom is sunny and BRIGHT as hell. That might seem like a good thing (and it is, to a degree) but, it is too bright in the morning and just doesn’t feel bedroom-ey.

The current state of our bookshelves, today.

Troy’s great at giving me small tasks for the larger and greater good of the project. Today’s project is going through all of our books and deciding which ones go into the “yard sale” box, and which ones stay. Since we have to take the books off to move the shelves anyway, it makes sense to go through them and clean up our collection.

Some of you might think this task easy; if you’ve already read the book, ditch it, right?

Yes and no.

If I’ve read a book and loved it, who’s to say I won’t want to read it again? More likely even is that I’ll want to loan or give it to someone later who I think will love it too. And if I’m being honest, I just like having them around. I’ll glance at a book that I read in my 20’s and remember where I was in life when I read it and what it meant to me at that point in my life.

I’ve done a lot of decluttering in my life. My bathroom is one of my current favorite rooms in the house because I decluttered the hell out of it. But that was much easier to go through and toss out expired medications and makeup, buy some fun baskets, y viola!

This is different. These are books.

But what if, instead of holding onto a book I loved in case I want to share it with someone in the future, I look at the yard sale box as a current version of that, now. What if I let go of books now, they find homes even sooner? Someone else can explore time traveling back to Scotland as an “Outlander” 200 + years, now. Someone else can see what it would be like to be raised as a “Clan of the Cave Bear”, now. Someone else, can discover how utterly witty and vulnerable Alan Cummings is in his memoir, “Not My Father’s Son”, now.

Books are meant to be read, not to just sit on shelves. I’m still going to keep some. But I’m going to clear these shelves to make more room for books in my future.

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