Interesting write up.
Alex Mcauley

Hi Alex, thanks for the feedback.

457 requests is not an entirely accurate number and certainly doesn’t represent blocking requests. The actual total number of requests according to the pingdom link you provided is 149.

The bulk of the additional requests pingdom reports come from two places:

  • 1 base 64 encoded data-uri of the BBC logo which ask as a placeholder behind each image
  • 1 base 64 encoded data-uri of a 1px x 1px transparent gif used as apart of our responsive lazy loading image solution

Of the total number of requests only a very small number of them are actually blocking requests and personally in my opinion even that small number is still too big. This is something we’re actively working to reducing.

The BBC Sport website is a complex beast and several elements loaded on the page are completely out of our control.

For example: the UK site (which doesn’t include Ads so will have less requests in total) has 8 blocking JS requests, and 6 blocking CSS requests. Of these requests 4 of the JS requests and 4 of the CSS requests are out of our control.

I hope this goes some way to explaining the number of requests our page makes.

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