Arguably more?
Rory Powis

Maybe you’re right, I strongly believe know of the technical architecture stuff is possible without having the design team onboard.

I think this stuff is really important and as you say probably more important than the technical stuff. If we can crack this one we’ll be able to move so much faster and remove a lot of waste from our process.

I don’t know if we’ve fully solved these problems yet, I think we’re still evolving and trying new things.

One communication problem I know we’ve still not solved but are trying is how we communicate our work with other stakeholders. A lot of our stakeholders are still of the mindset and expect to be shown pixel perfect visuals of a new design or component.

When we show them something produced in code they certainly react differently to it, I guess because its an actual thing and not a picture of a thing, but for me I feel there is always a bit of disappointment because we’ve not shown them a pretty picture of what it might look like.