First up — Great Article.
James Sheil

Thanks for the feedback James.

I can’t speak on behalf of the designer who gave the quote but I can certainly give my take.

For me designers should not be forced to using a single design tool set. E.g. you have to work in code, or the extreme opposite of exclusive working Illustrator etc. Designers should use whatever tool is appropriate for whatever they’re working on at the time. If its early on, some sketches or rough illustrator mock ups. If we’re a little further down the discovery journey then maybe something in code.

You say: “I don’t think that a good Design idea shouldn’t be shelved because it may not immediately easily slot into the existing app.” — this is a really interesting point of view.

I do wonder what the point in that design is though? If its not technically feasible at this point and we know about that in advance, we can avoid sinking time into something we know we can actually use. This means we can solve the current problem quicker as we’re not speeding time on concepts we can’t deliver and can move onto the next thing.

That said I have worked on project within BBC Sport where we’ve taken concepts which are not technically feasible but used this to steer our direction towards our final solution.

Some really interesting points their, cheers!