“Framework” is a loaded term.
Rory Powis

The more we’re working with Grandstand internally it probably moving away from being a “Framework” and turning into more of a “Design System”.

The goal of Grandstand is not to produce another framework for the frontend community. Its to solve problems we have around building and sharing front end components at the BBC. If Grandstand gets opened sourced (fingers crossed) and people outside of the BBC choose to use it thats great but its not what we’re aiming for. We have our own problems which we want/need to solve.

Grandstand is two things a small foundational code framework and a “munging of methodologies”. I would personally argue the munging of methodologies is the most important thing in Grandstand.

Totally agree that sharable, reusable components are preferable to a framework, but in this case the framework is facilitating us producing sharable, reusable components.

I hope to talk more about this in the next article, so watch out for that.

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