5 Food Delivery Apps That are Worth Your Time and Money

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Let’s be real. As much as we, as a society, talk about the importance of eating clean, fresh food, we don’t always have time. I work in the produce industry, and after a long day of thinking about fruits and vegetables, I’d rather spend some quality time with my wife and daughters than think about food prep.

The good news for people who care about both their health and their time is that food delivery apps are a thing, and have been for a while. Although not all apps are created equal, there are a few that promise fresh meals from local vendors in a short amount of time — which is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.


On-Demand Delivery from Anywhere

(Delivery fee between $4.99 and $7.99)

One of the largest, oldest, and most famous food delivery apps, Postmates is still going strong. Despite higher delivery rates, Postmates is worth downloading because it offers the widest variety for whatever your palette craves. Unlike other apps, PM is not affiliated with specific restaurants, so if there’s a local joint you love, chances are it will be on the app. Postmates has dominated its game and expanded to deliver more than restaurant meals. It now offers clothes, alcohol, and my personal favorite, groceries. (I love anything that boosts the produce industry, and Postmates’ inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables is a win.)


Food Delivery, Alcohol, Laundry, Restaurants

(Delivery fee is built into price)

Delivery.com, much like Postmates, is more than just a meal delivery service. They also deliver groceries and produce, which is a golden ticket for my support. An almost perfect blend of Grubhub and Postmates, Delivery.com partners with restaurants, again resulting in lower delivery prices and no price surge during busy times. The only thing holding Delivery.com from taking first place is its size; it’s currently a smaller service provider, meaning fewer options. I have my money on its growth though, as it has blended perks from the two industry monopolies. Even if my opinion may be biased toward apps that get fresh produce to its users, this is definitely one worth using.

Uber Eats

Food Delivery

(Delivery fee is $4.99)

This is an app for all you purists who are looking for ways to streamline the brands you use. Although the Uber Eats app is seperate from the Uber app, its interface is similar, which makes it easy to use for those familiar with its parent service. It has taken off quickly in a number of cities, thanks to Uber’s success, and offers comparable service to its competitors. I always say this about the produce industry: more competition is never a bad thing. It pushes the industry forward and inspires innovation. Hopefully Uber Eats does the same to the food delivery industry.


Delivering Good Flavors

(Delivery fee between $0.99 and $7.99)

Similar to UberEats, DoorDash has acted as a catalyst for competition in the food delivery market. The one feature I turn to is the ability to order food as far as four days in advance. A modern, time-conscious take on meal prep, this forever solves the “where should we eat?” argument by allowing you to decide days in advance. As a small business owner, I also feel a sense of camaraderie with DoorDash. Although they are a larger company, they are small in comparison to their competition, and it’s important to me to offer a fellow food-industry underdog my patronage.

Eat Purely

Healthy, Delicious, Chef-Made Meals Delivered in about 30 minutes

(No delivery fee, but a $3.00 tip is automatically charged)

Eat Purely is my favorite food delivery service. Based in Chicago, they deliver freshly prepared food throughout the city and into the north suburbs. They offer a rotational weekly menu, often featuring dishes created by Michelin Star chefs. What truly sets Eat Purely apart is their dedication to showcasing in-season produce for lunch and dinner. They are always honest with their customers about exactly what goes into each dish (always healthy, natural ingredients) making for truly nourishing meals. Their delivery is quick, so when time is an issue (which it always is), I know I can count on them to get my food to me when I need it.

Even us produce industry folks get how hard it can be to find the time to prepare a wholesome meal, and in a market flooded with food delivery apps, you can lose even more time deciding which one is the best for you. While I personally use a blend of different apps (depending on what I’m looking for) my favorites boast more options, lower costs, and of course the option to have a crisp, sweet apple delivered right to my front door.

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A 20+ year entrepreneur with a no-B.S.-in-business attitude, Shaun Black has powered over $30 million in annual revenue with his trading and importing company, Diamond Produce, founded numerous successful local businesses, and remained on the cutting edge of national start-up industries for over a decade.

His experience as a grocer taught him the importance of exceeding expectations, one relationship at a time. Through systems, automation, and personal touch, his businesses deliver consistent retail-minded service. His “add value” approach to vendor and teams alike has paid dividends and been the driving force behind growth and profit.

When in Doubt, Add Value, and follow @mrshaunblack on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more.

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Entrepreneur. Restaurateur. Philanthropist. www.mrshaunblack.com

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